Where the Market meets the Mind
Building Blocks
Quantacula is the first and only web site that allows non-programmers to create trading models using powerful, visual building blocks.
Top Quality Data
We provide top quality historical data. Backtest using clean data, and portfolios that are free of survivorship bias.
Exchange ideas with like-minded traders, investors and researchers. Publish your findings, and enter our contests.
The Market Place
The Marketplace is a place to browse for new data sources, indicators, trading models, and many other types of extensions. Extensions are available for Quantacula.com, Quantacula Studio, or both.
Introduction Video
Lifetime License
399 USD
Includes 12-month Maintenance License
Our license allows you to run the Quantacula Studio desktop backtesting and trading platform perpetually. This means you can buy once and use the version that you purchased forever. You also get 12 months of free Quantacula Studio updates. After that period, you can purchase a maintenance license for another year of updates for only $99.
12-month Maintenance License
99 USD
The maintenance license* entitles you to Q-Web Premium features and receive upgrades for Quantacula Studio and Add-ins for a period of 12 months. Q-Web Premium, upgrades and support are automatically included for the first year with your purchase of a Lifetime license.

Q-Web Premium Features
  • Create custom universes with your own selection of symbols for backtesting
  • Access Q-Premium universes that automatically eliminate survivorship bias
  • Gain Priority Support where your questions are answered via email within 24 hours
* You must have a Lifetime license to purchase a maintenance license.