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Building Blocks
Quantacula is the first and only web site that allows non-programmers to create trading models using powerful, visual building blocks.
Top Quality Data
We provide top quality historical data. Backtest using clean data, and portfolios that are free of survivorship bias.
Exchange ideas with like-minded traders, investors and researchers. Publish your findings, and enter our contests.
The Market Place
The Marketplace is a place to browse for new data sources, indicators, trading models, and many other types of extensions. Extensions are available for Quantacula.com, Quantacula Studio, or both.
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Discussion Forums
Contribute to our discussion forums and get your questions answered
Predefined Universes
Backtest trading models with a limited set of symbols
Saved Models
Build & save your own trading models
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Custom Universes
Create your own custom universes to backtest the symbols you need
Q-Premium Data
Q-Premium daily data covers the S&P 500 and has undergone a rigorous cleaning process
Dynamic Universes
These intelligent universes prevent survivorship bias by using the accurate historical symbols that came in and out of the index
Quantacula Studio
Gain access to our powerful, world-class desktop-based model development and backtesting software